As harvesters of the treasures we find in the Dead Sea, it is our mission to protect this unique lake and its shores by raising awareness for the ecological risks facing this region.

One of our most important efforts in doing so is to educate children on how to protect the wonders of this beautiful place for generations to come.

In 2003, Dr. Ze'evi Maor, VP of R&D at AHAVA, developed an educational program to teach children about the importance of sustainability.

AHAVA now spends over 100 hours a year teaching young people how to preserve the treasures of the Dead Sea region. We hope that these educational efforts, along with our other sustainability initiatives, will help to preserve the Dead Sea and its beauty for generations to come!


  • 1. Getting to know the minerals: playing with Dead Sea mud at the mine; working with the water at the lake's shores; creating art with combinations of minerals.
  • 2. Experiencing the modern factory: seeing manufacturing, purchasing, quality control, R&D and marketing.
  • 3. Real world experience: The children select an idea and develop it from initiation through formulation, packaging and labeling. They build a marketing plan and present results to their parents and teachers.

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